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Bharat Ke Tyohar Baisakhi


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27 February 2023 ના રોજ પૂર્ણ
ISBN નંબર : 9789382562450
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Baisakhi is the most significant harvest festival of North India, especially Punjab and Haryana. Baisakhi falls on the 1st day of the month of Baisakh (usually on 13th or 14th of April). On this auspicious day, farmers thank God for the good harvest and pray for their prosperity. Baisakhi also the foundation day of Khalsa Pant (a warrior group) by the tenth Sikh guru— Guru Gobind Singh in the year 1699. The spirit of Baisakhi fills the lives of the people with hapiness, joy, wealth and prosperity.The Great Indian Festival Series The books in this series have been structured thoughtfully to make children learn and enjoy our culture. Presented clearly and simply for a better understanding involves the child in easy learning process. Note for Parents: The present book has been created with the help of experts and parents to provide young children the essence of our festivals.Using this book It is important to create a relaxed atmosphere, allowing the child to set his or her own pace. Encourage the child and give lots of praise, and always try to finish on a positive note. Build their confidence and encourage them to enjoy learning Tips for parents • Read aloud to the child - talk and read to him • Promote and develop imagination • Make learning process interesting and creative • Each child is an individual - customize learning as he likes • Enhance vocabulary skills • Be patient • Keep it simple • Repetition helps • Rashabandhan • Dusseshra • Holi • Diwali • Navratra • Eid • Onam • Durga Pooja • Lohri Ganesh Chaturthi • Janmashtami • Guruparv • Pongal Read more 

Bharat Ke Tyohar Baisakhi


વૈશાખીનો પવિત્ર તહેવાર વૈશાખ મહીના (એપ્રિલ મહીના)માં હિન્દુ માહ અનુસાર પહેલી તિથિએ ઉજવવામાં આવે છે. આ હિન્દુઓના નવવર્ષનો પ્રથમ દિવસ માનવામાં આવે છે. ગુરુ ગોવિંદસિંહે આ જ દિવસે સન્ ૧૬૯૯ ઈ.માં ખાલસા પંથકનો પાયો રાખ્યો. ત્યારથી સિખ જાતિમાં વૈશાખીનો તહેવાર એક ધાર્મિક તહેવાર બની ગયો છે. આ દિવસે બધા સિખ ગુરુદ્વારામાં જઈને ગુરુગ્રંથ-સાહેબનો પાઠ સાંભળે છે.

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